Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More background for Towboat "Jean"

Just posting a few more views of the model, plus a work in progress shot from earlier in the build.  As you can see, there were changes along the way.  Many times when constructing from 2D concepts, I find the model may look good from one or even several angles, but many times it will fail and re-application of parts is necessary.  Also, an evenings work may look good at the "end of shift", but next day you find yourself asking what were you thinking?

Painting can be a daunting task as this can make or break the model very easily.  I have seen many a perfect model in construction but the paint fails.  For this particular model I used maybe half a dozen brushes in total, albeit they are all ruined now due to the stippling and dry brushing which was used extensively.  Pastels were also used for weathering effects.

Finally, why "The Breakers Yard"?  I never just build out of the box; a kit to me is just a template and not the final result.  I like to scrounge for the right part no matter where it has come from.  In this model alone there are many old kit parts, acrylic and plastic shapes, and the omnipresent Kinder Egg (which has become somewhat of a tradition to include at least one in every model I build).  This will be evident if future posts of new and old projects.

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