Sunday, August 9, 2015

Domesticated Triffids

And luckily they are not free-range!  This is obviously not one of the usual posts...  Summer is not the time for modeling; that luxury is for when you can't work outside.  Another one of my many hobbies/interests is gardening, but more specifically, growing Carnivorous/Insectivorous Plants.  I have been growing them for many years, but always either under artifical light conditions or in greenhouses.  I always wanted to build an outdoor bog, but never got the chance.  Mostly because I ended up moving before anything could be constructed.  But finally, here is the 5 foot by 6 foot result:

I used an old pond form which by fortune was given to me by my boss (Thnx Jim!), and then constructed a box around the form and filled it with peat moss and perlite.  It took several days to soak up the water so I could plant the hardy pitcher plants (Sarracenia sp and hybrids), as well as some moss.  These types of pitcher plants grow in North America, in bogs and wetlands.  Besides pitchers, there are many types of Insectivorous Plants all over the world.  Search the internet; you may be surprised!

Unrestricted by limited pot space, the plants should thrive and spread.   Hopefully a mild winter is in the immediate future for their first year out of doors.  I will of course mulch the bog and protect it from curious wildlife for the dormancy period. It will be a work in progress.  I may try other types of Insectivores such as Venus Flytraps, Sundews and Butterworts depending on how this bog performs.  In the meantime, here are some close ups:

Back in several months with something normal and made of plastic.  Enjoy the rest of your summer as it is always much too short!

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