Sunday, April 26, 2015

North Africa - 2042

Can I still post..?  Yes, it has been almost a year!  But a very eventful year....  So when I was able to start modeling again, I began with the usual narrowing down of a concept.  I have wanted to do some over-the-top style mobile armour from the Gundam universe for some time.  A machine inspired by such units as the Neue Ziel or the Big Zam.  For the base model, I needed something chunky and adaptable, so I dug out yet another old Bandai kit from the "Dunbine" series, a 1/48 scale Drumlo.  Which combined with other kit parts and many sweet shapes, became this:

You may notice that the scale is a little off now.  As the project progressed, and the waffling began, the armour went through several changes in both concept and scale.  Eventually the model shrank from 1/550 to 1/35, and very far away from the Gundam universe.  The final finished piece is now the NA-HAAG-39 desert mech, "Tommy" Tortoise:

Or if you want the long version, the Neo-Albion Heavy Amoured Ambulatory Gun.  Based on an idea of yet another desert conflict some 30ish years from now, I also wanted to keep a familiar WW2 theme.

The name is based on the Heavy Assault Tank A39 Tortoise, which the British were developing near the end of WW2.  It only made it to the prototype stage, but once the model took the final shape, the name seemed very apt.

I had seen the camoflauge netting used on many armour models, and was keen to try out something new.  I thought it worked well for the first attempt.  Simple cheescloth soaked in a 50/50 mix of water and the acrylic paint, allowed to dry flat and then cut and shaped as desired.  I think I will be doing this again....

I'd say about 50% of the Drumlo kit made it to the final model, but many of the parts were used not according to the kit plan.  Also in the mix, are several sweet shapes of various sizes, 6 toothbrush holders/protectors, some cut flower tubes, and the current record of 4 kinder eggs.  The figures are Tamiya assembled against instructions.

Modeling is all basic techniques.  Acrylic and enamel paints, and dry brushing and pastels for weathering.  Since its a walking machine, and probably made from "future" materials, I avoided the use of iron based construction so therefor no rust this time.

The concept behind the mech is of course as a walking gun, but it also has a missle launcher on the opposite side.  The gattling cannon is laser guided to conserve ammo (I am assuming limited resources here...).  The Tortoise can also skim along the ground, hence the rear thrusters for forward motion, and jets under the legs, feet, and "shoulders".

Unfortunately, many of these details are hidden under the "shell" and camo netting.  But I know its there...

The Tortoise has one main pilot.  Right now, the Neo-Albion lads are taking a bit of water break and having a look round.   Yes, I'm positive it's water....

Not the best of views, especially if your the other guy...

Another satisfying project for the case.  I hope it won't be another year before the next post!  Until then, "Keep Calm and Mech On!"

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