Thursday, August 4, 2016

Space: 2019 - "Episode 2"

Not really, but it took so long to do this model I am going to run with this concept for at least one more post! For this installment I have created two desktop calendars for the month of August.  Feel free to use them if you wish.  I also experimented with single source lighting for a new series of photos and was happy with the results.

  The second calendar is from the first season episode "Wormhole", when BZ-05 encounters an anamoly en route to the sun and is transported 1500 light years distant to Orion.  (I envision this "series" to dispose of the Buzzard transports as effectively as "Space: 1999" did with the inexaustible supply of Eagles!)

Now I should say "Thank You" to John Lester, who created and maintains the "Starship Modeler" website.  If you are into science fiction, fantasy, and real space models, this is the place to go!  Among the many features, which includes a monthly calendar (where I got the inspiration...), he also has an awesome e-store.  Modelers can also post their work in the Readers Gallery section (where I used to post before going independent..).  Check it out (

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