Saturday, February 11, 2017

Shape Spotting #3: "Dead Dremel Dilemma"

My dayjob is real modelling, and in the workshop we eat Dremels for breakfast.  It is one of our staple tools; used, re-used, and abused.  It is no wonder that the poor things will eventually wear out, through motor faliure, bent shafts and other misc fates. The unsaveable end up in the bin; this is where I come in!

The primary model used is the Dremel 200.  It is durable and basic without the newer model flash contours and colours, plus the ergonomic hand grips.  Once you take the guts out, you are left with a nice sturdy housing already with vents and other access points.  The labels are easy to remove and if you look closely at the black plastic shell, there is a bonus texture pattern!  I have only used this shape twice in previous projects:

I used the first as the main gun on the Martian tank "Herbert George" (see post from March 16, 2014 for the full back story).

And more recently as the secondary hull on the "Gibraltar", although it is difficult to see through all the greeblies.  Again the vents add to the texture of the shape, plus there is a half-inch diameter hole through the tool housing which was perfect for the mounting rod.

This of course applies to all tools, not just a Dremel.  Everyone at some point has had broken tools which end up in the rubbish.  I say remove the innards and keep the shell.  At this time, I am now down to only one shell remaining in the shapes box, so guys, let's start breaking some more tools!

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