Saturday, February 25, 2017

Shape Spotting #4 " shows them pearly white"

Trying to find that perfect little round shape can be a pain, especially since you usually don't get alot of them in a model kit, and are forced to find other sources.  When in doubt, a trip to the dollar store will solve the problem.  Just head down the craft aisle....

On one of my many quests, I came upon these.  White Pearl Halves, made of a hard plastic and with a thin foam glue pad on the back.  Sold on a card, these little domes can range from a diameter of 3mm to 12mm, depending on the manufacturer and store.  

They are great for subtle details, mini-domes, and even lenses.  I have used them extensively since finding them a few years ago.  All you have to do is remove the foam backing and glue with standard plastic cements.  Examples follow:

I needed alot of convex shapes to make lense clusters and sensors for the Hunter-Killer machine.

The lense for the Tortoise's headlamp is made up of a pearl plus other cylindrical parts.

The Buzzard has about two dozen of the half pearls in various sizes all over the hulls and payload.

And finally some domes on the Gibraltar.  These little "gems" are priceless when it comes to needing large amounts of curved mini shapes.  Of course these craft supplies are not just limited to the pearls.  I have seen many other types such as rhinestones, diamonds, and other faceted shapes.  Don't be afraid to buy them; just tell the clerk they are for your wife, girlfriend, or daughter..... 

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