Saturday, March 18, 2017

Shape Spotting #5 - "Good dental hygiene..."

For tonights re-purposed shapes we have "Dr. Bob's Oracare Toothbrush Covers!"  Used to protect the tooth brush when travelling, these nice little shapes are available only at Dollarama in this area.  (There are similar covers available at other dollar stores but this one is the most durable.  It comes in a two pack in several colours; I prefer the clear ones when I can get them....  The dimensions are 1.75" x 1" x .75".  

The covers have a hinged lid but I have removed them for both times I incorporated the shapes into a model.  I first used 5 covers in the "Tortoise", a 1/35 mech I did two years ago:

Four for the thruster units, and the other was made to be a missle pod.  Although it is some kind of vinyl I believe, a little sanding to remove the gloss and I have no trouble glueing or painting them with standard off the shelf products.  There is also a small hole at the narrow end, I guess for ventilation...  More recently I used 6 more on the Gibraltar:

A little difficult to see under all the other greeblies and nurnies!  They made nice modules and again I had no trouble in glueing them to other materials.  I have future plans to use them as cargo pods in larger numbers on ships or maybe railroad cars.  To look at them as pictured above, you could easily ad a handle, two little wheels, and a city logo.  Now you have a garbage or recycling cart!  Always look beyond the items intended purpose!

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