Sunday, March 26, 2017

Welcome to the Inner Sanctum

Tonight's post is a "Behind-the-Scenes" feature as to where I do the bulk of my model building.  So let us descend the staircase and follow the dark hallway to the end, where a most imposing door appears.  (Yes, I do work in the basement, but I live with my wife and not my Mum...)

You've gotten this far, but there is no door knocker or door bell.  Fortunately I heard you coming, so enter please....

And this is essentially it.  Yes, I do keep it this neat and organized!  The workbench area is only 10 square feet, and during a project it is crowded with all sorts of tools, a work platform, paints and adhesives, containers of greeblies, nurnies, and shapes, and the omni present rotary tool.  I also have a portable clamp mounted on the bench.  Most of the basic work is done here, but when it is time for large scale cutting and sanding, I do that outside.  The painting is done in a utility room against a large sheet so over-spray is not an issue.

Under the bench is another toolbox, along with 6 bankers boxes full of assorted parts.  The closet to the left out of sight has 7 bankers boxes of more bits and pieces and shapes.  All labelled accordingly of course!  The 20th century tube television on the left does double duty.  Something I found out by accident...  I usually have a film or series running on the TV (connected to a VHS and DVD player) during a project.  I discovered a few years ago that when the TV is on, the screen is of course static and attracts the dust (since its mostly plastic dust anyway).  So my entertainment system is also a dust collector.  I just wipe it down every few days.

So thanks for popping by!  I am currently working on a project which will have three models associated with the theme.  Hopefully be finished by end of April.  Be sure to visit the gift shop on the way out and sign the guest book!

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