Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Scrap(book) Yard #4 "When Puppets Attack!"

Tonights little TV Guide snippet is from an ABC TV movie from 1975.  The film "Trilogy of Terror", was first broadcast on March 4 of that year (should have posted this last week for the 42nd anniversary!) and was basically a Twilight Zone-ish/Night Gallery-ish anthology with Karen Black playing four different roles in the three segments.  In the final chapter, "Amelia", Karen has bought her anthropology-professor boyfriend a "Zuni Fetish Doll", a rather ugly little bastard only 12 inches tall.  The doll has a necklace which, when it accidentally breaks and falls off lets the demon within bring the doll to life.

The rest of the film has Karen running and screaming about her apartment in a bathrobe being relentlessly chased and attacked by the persistent Pinocchio.  All practical in camera effects and hands on puppetry.  Eventually she traps the murderous doll in the kitchen oven where it catches fire and burns up.  It's never good to be a wooden actor....

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